Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Buzz words? Hype or Reality?

Is it an inborn trait or can entrepreneurship be mastered? Do you have to take risks or be lucky to taste success as an entrepreneur?

Does Entrepreneurship mean Startup only?

Are you curious about the process of converting an idea to a product?

What do MNC/Corporations look for when they say “Innovative and Entrepreneurship mindset”?

Do you nurture an idea that you would like to develop into a product or service?

The Basecamp is all about answering these and more! Filled with fun, activities and live examples, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, and also get to interact with fantastic entrepreneurs and startups!

CIE Basecamp is the first activity of the newly formed Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Come hear more of PESU CIE plans and discover the world of Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

Get to be part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative at PES. 


CIE organises a one-of-a-kind Bootcamp which kickstarts the journey of many students into entrepreneurship. Prefaced by the weekly ‘Basecamp’ sessions (held over the course of the previous semester), Bootcamp offers students an in-depth hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and business.

In 2018, Bootcamp was a 7-day residential program. Students mainly in 4th and 6th semesters from various fields of engineering participated enthusiastically. By the end, students had gone through the entire process of starting up – from validation of ideas and creating a business model to selling and pitching.