E-Summit 2020 – Fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship

  • The PES Entrepreneurship Cell organized its flagship event, “E-Summit: Fostering the Spirit of Entrepreneurship” on the 7th and 8th of November 2020.
  • It was a beautiful combination of live speaker sessions, workshops, competitions, a panel discussion and an internship-cum-startup fair.
  • Key stats: 800+ students from college all over India, 2 campuses, 4 speakers, 3 panelists, 3 workshop experts, 7 companies and 5 competitions.
  • Platform:
    • Discord for all communication
    • Zoom for all workshops and speaker sessions
    • YouTube for live-streaming to the participants


Inauguration Ceremony was held at 9.30 AM on 8th August, followed by an amazing speaker session on ‘Innovation in the Market’ by Abhijeet Saungikar, the Technical Vice President of 3M, which was viewed by 200+ attendees.

(Inauguration ceremony)

(Inauguration ceremony)

From 11AM-1.30PM, two events, ‘AirCrash’ & ‘Brand Wars’ took place simultaneously on discord with 100+ participants each, and the finale of both the events were live-streamed on YouTube.

(Brand Wars- Airbus presentation)

(AirCrash – battle between Steve Jobs, Mukesh Ambani, SatyaNadella and Bill Gates)

At 2.30 PM, we had a fabulous workshop on ‘Resume Building’ by Devashish Vaishnav, Founder of CoachEd and ex-President of ECell. 200+ attendees were present for the workshop since it definitely satisfied the ‘need of the hour’, since internships and placements will be arriving soon to their campuses.

(Workshop on Resume Building)

At 3.45 PM, we had an incredible speaker session about ‘Entrepreneurship Opportunities for students’ by Mekin Maheshwari, ex-CPO of Flipkart and Founder, Udhyam.org. It was a really interactive session with over 150 attendees, and Mekin joyously answered each and every question by the attendees which left both the attendees and the organizers equally contented.

(Mekin Maheshwari urges everyone to switch on their cameras to have an interactive session)

The day ended with ‘Launchpad’ taking place from 5.45 PM to 7.30 PM. Launchpad was an internship-cum-startup fair where companies came on the E-Summit discord server and interacted with the attendees. Attendees got the chance to interact with successful entrepreneurs and got to know about their journey, which definitely made it the perfect ending to Day 1.
The 7 companies who were present for Launchpad were:

  • 21AD
  • Narkha
  • S.P.A.R.K
  • Vimana
  • Pyramid Developers
  • Global Student News
  • CoachEd

(Launchpad taking place on Discord)


Day 2 kicked off right at 12 AM with our midnight event ‘Crisis Bidding’ which had 150 participants who were super excited about their first midnight virtual event. We even had our customized website built by ‘Pyramid Developers’ where live bidding for assets could take place. The event finale took place at 3 AM.

At 9.30 AM, 100+ attendees experienced a magnificent panel discussion about ‘Impact of Pandemic on Startups in India – Challenges and Opportunity’ with Sathya Prasad as moderator and our panelists were

  • Saahil Kamath, Founder of Marsview.ai
  • Akarsh Shroff, Forbes India Teenpreneur 2020 and Founder, S.P.A.R.K
  • Suresh Narasimha, Venture Capitalist founded & funded several technology ventures like TELiBrahma, Monkeybox.

(Panel Discussion on full swing where Sathya Prasad channels the healthy and collaborative discussion)

From 11.15 to 12.30, we had 2 events taking place simultaneously:

  • Ad Making competition where the participants could make an ad based on permutations and combinations of the themes and products listed.

(Winning entries for Ad-Making)

  • Workshop on ‘Creating a Personal Brand’ by Sezel Lalwani and Tharun Jagateri, Co-Founders of Fire.fly. It was a fun and interactive workshop that 120 attendees enjoyed, where the workshop experts helped attendees introspect themselves with insightful questions.

From 12.30 – 1.30 PM, 100+ attendees got to experience a unique speaker session about ‘Sustainability in Entrepreneurship’ by Kalpana Ramesh, Founder of the Rainwater Project.

(Mekin Maheshwari urges everyone to switch on their cameras to have an interactive session)

From 2.45 – 5 PM we had our flagship competition, Shark Tank, where 36 top entries were shortlisted from hundreds of submissions, and they battled out their ideas with the Shark, Srinivas K.S who’s a successful Venture Capitalist and also a faculty member of the CSE department.

(Different teams pitch their ideas to the Shark)

Over 200 attendees, including us, were lucky enough to witness a speaker session by Amaresh Ramaswamy, the Founder of Microsoft Accelerator and Founding member of KWIK24, Co-Founder of HP Venture Finance and CFO for
Microsoft India R&D. It was the perfect ending for a wonderful E-Summit, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the experience.

(Amaresh Ramaswamy speaks about the entrepreneurial journey in this slide)

We finally wrapped up the E-Summit at 7PM, after the closing ceremony where we announced the prize winners of each competition to the eagerly awaited participants. Sathya Prasad sir also presented his kind words for the closing ceremony.

(Closing ceremony)

We circulated a feedback at the end of the E-Summit, so we can get insights about the event from an attendee’s perspective. Like always, we wish to be aware of our shortcomings and rejoice our successes in order to curate a better experience for the attendees during our next venture.