Cisco thingQbator

Cisco thingQbator 2022 Cohort 5 - PES University sweeps 5 out of Top 10

PES University is happy to partner with Cisco and the NASSCOM Foundation to launch the Cisco thingQbator Cohort 4 program in PES. 

Cisco ‘thingQbator’ is a CSR initiative of Cisco in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation, which is created focusing on some of the challenges or social problems identified by the young minds of the country and come up with technological solutions. The program aims at promoting maker space culture across partner universities by enabling enterprising students to work on their own innovative ideas and build scalable solutions. The program fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship among students by encouraging them to think innovatively, work in a makerspace environment, access relevant mentoring from subject matter experts to build their solutions, and avail financial support to fund the
expenses of their projects.