The buzz word being ‘entrepreneurship’ in the current times, the Entrepreneurship Cell(ECell) of PES University, is primarily focused on helping understand that the word means more than just creating a product/service with innovation. It’s about self-discovery, wanting to create a change in the community around, and more essentially, understanding the need for that change. ECell, being a student-run organization, emphasizes on noticing entrepreneurship as a way of life, in everyday life, that people often fail to take notice, and instilling the belief that everybody could be self-made if things were looked at from a different perspective.

It suffices to say that everybody dreams of being the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and follow the footsteps of the inspiring Gary Vee to leave their own mark behind. ECell makes this possible for the student enthusiasts who want to embark upon this journey to uncover themselves and make a statement.

What started as an initiative to bring about the entrepreneurial mindset and promote innovation among the student body, ECell has now spread its wings by building partnerships with various organizations from several industries. In the previous academic year, ECell has successfully recruited 30 energetic, budding students, forming a community of 60 dedicated members in total. After which, a networking event called ‘Meet, Greet & Connect’ was also organized, spreading the culture of entrepreneurship on a different notch. Partnering with the Rotract Club of PES University, ECell has also conducted ‘The Gutsy Entrepreneur’, which shed light on creating the business model canvas – the root to the beginning of any startup. The ideas that were presented were remarkable, taking ECell on the right path towards making a change.

ECell has been the backbone and a driving factor to market and bring sponsors for one of the biggest annual techno-cultural fests, Aatmatrisha. Even so, ECell had its own events EndGame – Crisis Committee for Business, Shark Tank, and the Business Model Canvas workshop. The community received overwhelming response for the way these events were brought to success, yet again proving its mettle.

Over the months, ECell has had an incredible response for its extremely active and informative social media that has kept every ardent business fanatic engaged and informed. With themes like business news from ‘Around the Globe’, ‘Investing 101’, ‘Startup Diaries’, ‘Personal Finance’, ‘Company Backstories’, and several productivity vlogs and testimonials, the social media has never thrived more. 

What truly changed the course to keep students motivated was the desire to start a webinar series related to entrepreneurship. Established, well-connected, successful young entrepreneurs of today conducted webinars that inspired the student body, propelling them to a path of self-discovery.

Now consisting of a well-rounded community with hustlers, visionaries and capable, talented designers, content creators, researchers, enthusiasts in marketing and finance, and public relations, ECell continues to thrive, and provide the world with leaders of tomorrow. Nevertheless, with a long road ahead, ECell pursues the true meaning behind entrepreneurship and everything it holds.