To educate young children about Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, and Team Building. A team of 25 individuals from E-Cell visited the NGO to help children from 6th to 9th grade. The aim was to spend time and bond with them also educate them about the careers available in the real world by giving the whole program an entrepreneurial touch.

Observations & Key Learning

The children were eager to learn and enthusiastic to take part in every event that was conducted. Likewise, the members of the club got along with the children, bringing out their talents, helping them open up about what they want to become and explore all the options that are available in the future to broaden their perspective. The members of the club marveled at the communication skills and talents these children possessed, and felt extremely warm and humbled to be a part of something that was greater than themselves or their little world. It was a perfect opportunity to involve oneself in a social entrepreneurial project. Indeed it was an eye-opening session for both the members of the club and the children​.

This made the members realize that every little thing in life needs to be appreciated and felt grateful for, and also that nothing can ever be taken for granted. Here’s a picture of the club members with the budding, gifted children who also had a flair and spark to learn.