The Search

The Exclusive Search for the Best Manager

The Search, a virtual two-day biz crunch, organized by The Entrepreneurship Club of the EC Campus of PES University, on 24th-25th January, 2021, was a massive success. It fulfils the aim to stimulate the quality of a manager among the fellow participants.

The Search was an event organized to find out students with excellent managerial skills and good business acumen. The event was organized using Discord and Google Meet.

Rounds 1,2 and 3 were conducted on 24th from 11 am to 3:30 pm. Round 4 was conducted on 25th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.

Round 1 was a trivia round where participants’ knowledge of various brands and taglines were put to test.

Round 2 was an on-the-spot marketing round where participants were supposed to sell rather fun and quirky products to the jury under a time constraint.

Round 3 was a business plan round where participants were given time to develop a business plan for a product/service of their choice and submit the idea for the same.

Round 4 was a stress interview with our external jury Mr. Manoj Sanker, Co-founder, NemoCare Wellness and a med-tech entrepreneur. The participants presented the B-plan they submitted for round 2 and were interviewed about the same.

The winner, Rahul S Srinivas, a 2 nd year ECE student from the RR Campus, walked away with a 2500 rupee prize. The runner-up was Anwesh Bhagat, a 2 nd year CS student from the EC campus and won the prize of 1500 rupees. Yuktha got a Special Mention

Some Number-crunching!

  • 124 Registrations across both RR and EC campuses
  • 73 in-total submissions
  • Cash Prizes worth Rs 4000