Intel India Student AR/VR Contest 2018

Intel India Student Contest for Unity Asset & Game development

A CIE initiated contest was held by Intel India for PES Students in the area of Augmented-Reality/Virtual-Reality (AR/VR) & Gaming/ Gfx. The contest was completed successfully with 3 teams of PES students from CSE 2nd & 4th semesters coming out winners

The contest was to build a flexible FPS (First-Person-Shooter) game which would accept inputs that would map a wearable/haptic shield and map it to colliders on two assets (one humanoid and one non-humanoid) in a virtual/gaming environment. This was made even more challenging given the short duration (just 6 weeks).

The contest was judged by several senior Intel engineers from Gfx/ Gaming background who found the implementation to have ‘exceeded expectations’.