The Hult Prize Challenge 2020

The Hult Prize Challenge 2020

PES student body supported by the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) hosted the 1st Hult Prize Challenge 2020 (On-campus round) at PES University on Nov 16th.

The Hult Prize Foundation (supported by UN and Bill Clinton Foundation) is a global movement of young people envisioning a brighter future in the world around them. This competition aims to encourage students to create dynamic and disruptive startups.

24 enthusiastic PES student teams, 6 fantastic judges, 20+ energetic student volunteers really made this a memorable event. One team picked to go the regionals in Mar 2020 (across 25 cities in the world) and finals in Sep 2020 (US).

The team that was selected, FUZE, comprising second-year students, Jaidev G, Kirthan Sanjay and Srivatsan H focused on reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by converting some of it into useful forms of fuel.

The First runners up were team SupHerb, consisting of students, Arjun M, Prateek Nayak, Danish M E, and Ruthwik H M. Their idea was to exploit the several uses of hemp and make eco-friendly plastic out if it.

The Second runners up were team Smart Mesh, with Archana B, Bhargavi G, and Isha P, who plan to make a mesh fitted with a Metal-Organic Framework (MOF), that can absorb most of the harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

The jury had a star panel of jurors for encouraging and inspiring these aspiring entrepreneurs: Bindu Sastry (Mauverick), Gautham Khot (Brigade REAP), Ramesh Phatak (Angel Investor), Shobana Rajagopal (Microsoft), Suraj Chawla (Swissnex), Suresh Narasimha (Co-Create Ventures)